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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Using Tea Tree Oil For Face Mole Removal

Removing Skin Moles With Tea Tree Oil

Maybe you've heard stories regarding the use of tea tree oil to get rid of skin nevi, but does it really work?

Assuming that you do not know anything at all about tea-tree oil, here are some facts.

First uncovered by Bundjalung aboriginal people in Australia, this oil from the Melaleuca plant was employed as an anti-bacterial to care for sores and open lesions to stop them becoming diseased.

Subsequent scientific testing demonstrated it had antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and it became basic issue for Australian soldiers throughout both world wars, being very impressive at combating "trench foot"

In modern-day domestic use it is actually a remarkably good general first aid medication for, cuts, grazes as well as stings and is readily available in shops as well as on the internet.

Not too many individuals know that, along with its well chronicled properties, tea tree oil can additionally be used for mole removal.
Just one of the main advantages of employing tea-tree oil to eliminate moles is cost. Buying a small bottle of this oil is a far cheaper option to traditional mole removal procedures and you can easily perform it yourself at home.

Applying the oil to a mole is simply a case of swabbing it on with a cotton bud. As with all treatments it is advisable to test the oil on your skin to test for any sort of allergic reactions, by applying to a section of skin and waiting twenty-four hours before continuing. Remarkably few folks are adversely affected by this natural antiseptic, still it is really best to check.

Important note ...
Tea tree oil is not appropriate for pregnant or breastfeeding women or anyone with hormone sensitive cancers.

With regular application of the oil to the mole it will eventually start to respond. If no changes are noticed after a week or two, it can be necessary to open the mole just a little with a sterile needle and permit the oil to penetrate deeper.

Over the next few weeks you should see reactions happening in the mole and the mole will crust over before becoming loosened and ultimately dropping off. This will leave you with a slightly sensitive reddish colored location, but should not scar. Shield this area from direct sun light until it is quite healed and all will certainly heal well.

In summary the primary benefits of utilizing the tea-tree oil mole removal technique are:

Low cost - a few bucks rather than hundreds of dollarsEase of application - can easily be done in your own bathroomLittle risk of infection - the oil is a natural antibacterialMinimal prospect of scarring - no surgery or stitches needed

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